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© 2019 by Dogscapes Photography

1. All photo sessions must be paid for in full in advance. I do not offer refunds, unless on an occasion where I am unable to complete the photo session, for whatever reason. Or, if a dog becomes too ill for the shoot I am able to either offer a refund or you can gift the shoot to a friend and their dog.

2. If inclement weather or other adverse conditions prevent the photo session meeting my artistic standards, I may elect to use an alternate location or to reschedule the session at no extra cost to yourself.

3. The welfare of the dogs is my paramount priority. I reserve the right to refuse to do a shoot if I feel a dog's welfare is in any way compromised.

4. There are no minimum or maximum number of images taken or published as a result of sessions. My priority is quality and variety over quantity.

5. The client may postpone their shoot date at any time for any reason up to a week before the date, but after this date it must be a valid reason, eg. sickness, car breakdown etc. Postponing a shoot within a week of the date affects my ability to work, and as such I may or may not accept the reason as valid and agree to a new date. I reserve the right not to go ahead with a shoot if a client has asked me to postpone the shoot (with what I deem an invalid reason) within 48 hours of the shoot date.

6. The Client agreeing to these terms and conditions warrants that he or she has actual authority to agree to the use of the likeness of all dogs included in the photos and shall indemnify and defend the Dogscapes Photography in the event of litigation arising out of such use. Digital files and previews and copyright of images remain the exclusive property of Susan Lang.

7. I reserve the right to use one or a selection of images from your shoot for advertising, display, publication or to offer for sale via my stock/portfolio site or any other method. However, I will NEVER offer for sale any image that features a person without express written consent from that individual.

8. It is against my terms and conditions that you upload any high resolution file to the internet, other than for the purposes of ordering prints etc. If you purchase any high resolution files from your session at your request I will send you low res (with logo) versions so you can upload these to social media sites.

9. Waiver of liability: client expressly releases the photographer, her employees and agents from all claims, damages, and liabilities that may result from accidents or incidents that occur during the photo session. This waiver of liability includes waiver of any claim that may be a result of negligence. I have full liability and indemnity insurance xx

10. I retain copyright for all my images, except for pre-agreed commercial shoots. If you need to purchase the copyright to your images please contact me for further information, otherwise digital images are sold on a PERSONAL USE LICENSE. If you purchase the digital files you will be free to post the low res files on social media and get the high resolution versions printed, but it is not permitted to sell them or enter them in to any competitions as your own nor to use them for any commercial purpose. Full license T&Cs are available when you request to order the digital files, or you can request them from me at any time prior to booking.

11. I reserve the right to use any image I take on a shoot in my marketing, whether this is in print, social media, on stalls or on my website, or in any publication. excluding images which include people. This includes images taken during a session for which you have received a refund (for any reason). There is a small chance I may also use any image to sell as a product on my website, stall or any other online shop I may create in the future - this is a very small percentage of images I take, if any. Businesses and commercial companies can browse and choose images from my public stock site that they would like to use, and I sell these to them under a royalty free basis. In some cases (most shoots I do not use any) I like to use about 5% of images from a shoot and include these in the public site. This is NEVER pictures including people (unless I am given explicit permission to do so). Generally I prefer to include people as silhouettes, but I do sometimes ask to include others, but permission does not have to be granted. I do not sell many stock images but they are an additional small revenue stream that enables my shoot prices to stay down. A small number of images may be sold on Getty, if accepted (roughly about 0.5% of my total number of images). Again, these revenue streams keep my shoot prices low and also enable your pictures to be seen, used and admired. If my images are displayed and sold on Getty images I have no control over who purchases them.


11.1 You can opt out of allowing me to use images - I am happy to photograph your dog for you under my higher rates: the copyright still belongs to me (which basically means you can't sell the images or use them commercially) but the images do not go on my stock/portfolio site. Under this option you are agreeing to buy all the digital portraits and there is no credit - the cost is an all-in-one cost which includes all of the high resolution edited images and the prices are as follows: 1 dog = £450, 2 dogs = £500, 3 dogs = £550, 4 dogs = £600. Please contact me if you wish to have this option.

11.2 Why do I sell some images? I want my images to be seen - part of the ethos as to what I do is I want to spread the message of dogs being part of the family, happy, healthy and free. I want them to be used to help promote that message. To confirm, this is a fraction of the images I take and is never an image that includes people, unless express permission is given and there is no obligation to do so.


12. If you feel you cannot agree to these terms I am happy to offer a full refund, if requested within one year of purchase.