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Worried your dog won't pose for photos?

It doesn't need to! The photos below are of my 1 year old lurcher a few weeks after I adopted him, showing before and after editing. He was untrained, anxious and hyperactive, which was exacerbated by the excitement of snow! He had to be on the lead, but it was a longish bungee lead so he was managing to charge up and down the hill and dive headfirst into snowdrifts. I managed to grab this shot in a brief moment when he stopped on top of the hill, but brief moments are all you need to get the shot. 


As I was holding the lead and lying down for the photo the lead was across his body, which makes it much harder to remove it in Photoshop. When I'm taking photos I recommend that the owner holds the lead up and away from the dog, but this isn't always possible when I'm holding the lead myself. It was a lot of work in Photoshop to remove it.